Mauve Velvet and Lace Bridal Robe For The Wedding Day

Velvet Bridal Robes


Bridal party robes and getting ready outfits have been very popular for many years. You have your standard solid colors, or you have your variety of floral patterns in satin or cotton. Beyond that there weren't many options for brides who wanted something a little less traditional. That's why I set out to create something totally different, velvet bridal robes.

I wanted to design a robe that would appeal to modern brides in a fabric that was trendy but also a nod to nostalgia. Something that would be timeless and elegant without sacrificing comfort. A robe you could wear long after your wedding. Something you might even pass down to your daughter or granddaughter to wear on their wedding day. An heirloom piece that could serve as a beautiful reminder of the happiest day of your life.

Back in January I attended a local trade show here in Las Vegas where you can meet a variety of manufacturers. After many years of searching I finally met the right team of people who could take my custom robes to the next level. After six months of back and forth, designing, picking the best velvet fabric, selecting just the right crochet lace trim and finalizing the best colors for Fall the brand new robes were in production.

It was a big risk for my small company to take but these robes were worth it! They came out so beautiful and the response I have been receiving from customers has been amazing.

Velvet and Lace Robes in Four Colors, Rose, Mauve, Dusty Blue, Burnt Orange

The velvet and lace robes are available in four stunning colors: Rose, Mauve, Dusty Blue and Burnt Orange. These colors will be stunning in any Fall, Winter or even Spring time wedding. They are truly timeless colors and they are shades that will look beautiful on anyone.


Crochet Lace Trim on The Dusty Blue Velvet Bridal Robe

The crochet lace trim was picked for a couple reasons. First of all it wasn't floral, I really wanted to get away from the floral trend and have something that felt a little more timeless. The trim is 4 inches at the widest point and is hand dyed to match the velvet fabric. The crochet lace trim adds that perfect feminine touch without taking any attention away from the gorgeous velvet fabric.


Rose Pink Velvet and Lace Bridal Robe

These robes are buttery soft with just the right amount of stretch for that perfect on many body types. The interior of the robes feels silky smooth against your skin. They will wrap you in the love and luxury you deserve on your wedding day or just any other day. The robes are one size fits most up to size XXL or dress size 14. They have an inner tie and outer sash which makes these robes fully adjustable. Get ready for your wedding day in total comfort!

The velvet robes are meant to be used again and again long after your wedding day. They will serve as a beautiful reminder of the happiest day of your life, embrace them, love them, wear them again and again.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this style!

If you're ready to purchase your very own velvet robe you can buy your favorite color here


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