Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Food Truck Wedding

Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Food Truck Wedding

Food trucks have been a wildly popular lunchtime go to or late night snack must have. Now these trendy trucks are making their appearance at weddings! Having a food truck cater your wedding not only gives your guests a unique experience but it might actually be more cost effective than hiring a traditional caterer. 

When deciding if a food truck wedding is right for you there are a few things you need to consider. Here are our top 5 tips for planning your food truck wedding:

1.) Coordinate with the caterers and venue

First thing you need to discuss with your venue is whether a food truck would even be allowed. In some cities food trucks aren't allowed to park on city property, even if it's a parking lot! If your heart is set on having a food truck at your wedding be sure to let your venue know that before you book it. All venues have their own set of rules and you don't want any surprises later. 

2.) Parking & Power

When picking your venue you need to make sure there is ample space for your food truck. They are pretty large and will need to drive in and drive out easily. You'll also need to make sure the trucks have the power they will need. Trucks run on either propane or electric, so confirm with them what they need and make sure the venue can provide if needed. If your truck is indoors it will need to run on electric (propane is a no go!).

3.) Pick Your Favorite Dishes

Once you decide on which food truck you want at your wedding it's time to decide what they will serve. I suggest sampling a variety of their offerings and then only picking a few items to serve. The food truck will be better able to stock the ingredients and get the food served faster if there are only a few options for your guests to choose from. 

4.) Don't Forget The Details

This is a wedding after all! Ask about what the food will be served on. If you don't like their options ask about supplying your own. That way you can be sure it will coordinate with your wedding colors/style. Think about dressing up the exterior of the truck with flowers, balloons or a custom made chalkboard that will feature your special menu. 

To get you started on your food truck search we have included 5 of our favorite food trucks below! Enjoy!


Best Wedding Food Trucks

Miho Gastrotruck via Green Wedding Shoes - A gourmet food truck offering fresh, local and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create food that is affordable and delicious!


Best Food Trucks To Have At Your Wedding

Slidin' Thru - Offering gourmet sliders made with some of the freshest ingredients. 



Best Food Trucks For Your Wedding

Cousins Maine Lobster Photo by Gearhart Photo - Serving up the freshest Maine lobster around on rolls, quesadillas, tacos, tots and more!


Best Wedding Food Trucks

The Cookie Bar  - They bake gourmet sweets and treats that can include alcohol or not! 


Best Food Trucks For Your Wedding

Tipsy Cones - An ice cream truck with a twist! Offering flavors such as Creamy Whiskey Vanilla Bean, Maple Stout, and Strawberry Wine Sorbet. They have non-alcoholic options as well.


If none of these trucks float your boat checkout Roaming Hunger to locate a food truck in your area.

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