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2019 Engagement Ring Trends

Kristin Ames

Posted on December 19 2018

2019 Engagement Ring Trends

Let's be honest, whether you are already married, newly engaged or hoping to be soon, ogling engagement rings never gets old. I had a lot of fun "window" shopping for the latest trends in engagement rings. My husband caught me and asked "whatcha doin...?" I replied with "It's research for a blog post (wink, wink)."  So after spending WAY too much time staring at beautiful engagement rings here are the top trends I think you'll be seeing lots of in 2019:

Colored Stones - Colored stones have been a popular option for a few years and we think they will be for many years to come. They are just gorgeous and I think you'll agree. 

 Light Pink Engagement Ring


Ring by Trabert Goldsmiths 


Cluster rings - Cluster rings are truly unique. I am so drawn to the colored stones mixed with diamonds in all different shapes. Notice that this style also appears in nested, halo and even art deco trends below.

Grew & Co

Ring by Grew & Co

Melanie Casey Ring

Ring by Melanie Casey


Nested Rings - I just love how the nested rings create such a unique shape. Gone are the days of trying to find a wedding band to match your pear, tear drop or even cushion cut diamond. It truly is a perfect match, don't you agree?


Ring by SillyShinyDiamond

Grew & co

Ring by Grew & Co


Art Deco - There is something timeless and elegant yet trendy about these art deco style rings. I am totally in love!

Natalie Marie Jewellrey

Ring by Natalie Marie Jewellery

Heidi Gibson

Ring By Heidi Gibson


Halo Setting - Again, the halo ring isn't a new trend but designers are updating the look with some unique ways of creating that halo affect.

Sarah O Jewelry

Ring by Sarah O Jewelry

Heidi Gibson Ring

Ring by Heidi Gibson 


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